So here’s to another try

March 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ok, so now I dedicate a whole blog to you, you –  the current object of my dearest affection. Well, this doesn’t prove that I will love you for all eternity, or will honor thy love til death take me away. BUT. In this I promise that I will be truthfully in love with you for as long as I can – we both can. I will stay faithful and loving and loyal and honest and probably the best person that I can be and the most awesome person you’ll ever meet. You know I’m vain so I think you’ll understand HAHA


So there. While this may serve as a public (online, in this case) display of my mushy affection to you, we both know that this is also a selfish attempt to draft my future book, in which chapters about me jumping from one failed relationship to another will play the key plots.


Anyway. I am making a pact with myself, (Hello dear self, please comply with all your might) that I will not let you read this blog until we get married – that is if we will ever marry – which of course is one my current dreams (I think most of the girls – if not all – dream about fairy tale weddings).


And yes. This could pass for a great laugh after some years of trying to chronicle our love story, our struggle, our victories and the future ups and downs of our relationship. May this be a wonderful journey with you 🙂


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